Add Sweet Potato Fries, Steamed Veggies, Onion Rings or Baked Potato +$2

Prime Rib Dinner – Slow roasted, hand cut and grilled to order.  Served with au jus for dipping, side salad and seasoned crinkle-cut fries. (Medium to Well Done only) 10 oz $17

**See Sandwiches for our 7 oz Prime Rib Sandwich**

Ribeye Dinner – Hand-cut, juicy, flavorful cut of meat perfectly seasoned and
grilled to temperature. Served with a side salad and seasoned crinkle-cut fries.  10 oz $16

*Chicken-Veggie Grill-  A generous portion of grilled chicken stir-fried with our steamed vegetables and topped with parmesan cheese. Great low-carb option. $10

Hamburger Steak - A 9 oz hand-pattied burger steak grilled to perfection and served with seasoned crinkle-cut fries and a side salad. $12


Meat Temperatures (please read carefully)

Rare – Cold red center - Medium Rare – Warm red center – Medium – Warm pink center
Medium Well – A little pink inside – Well Done – No pink